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hand crafted in boston, loved around the world.

We started Polkadog in 2002 to make treats for our one-eyed rescue dog, Pearl. She was a part of our family and we wanted her to have the best treats possible. That meant finding the finest ingredients around and adding a little bit of love into every bite. We know you feel the same way about your pets, so we still make every treat like we did back then: for family.

We package all of our treats at our Boston Fish Pier kitchen. We work with local artists to develop our packaging. We do all this because it’s what we love and what we believe in. We're sending love from our neighborhood to yours!

you are what you treat.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a dinner plate or a doggy bowl, when you’re feeding family, quality matters. That’s why we only use 100% all-natural ingredients from right here in the USA. Single and limited ingredient, always. No additives or preservatives, ever.


Grass Fed


Pasture Raised


Wild Caught


Boston sourced


US Farms

responsibly sourced.

We love working with like-minded folks who share our core beliefs and values. That’s why we handpick suppliers that are committed to ethical and sustainable practices.


All-natural Peanut Butter from Teddie Peanut Butter


Pasture-raised meat from small farms in New England & New York


Wild-caught Cod from small boats in Alaska


Our single ingredient treats are as healthy as they are delicious! In addition to being high in protein and grain-free, Polkadog single ingredient treats are always thoughtfully sourced and made in the USA. These are all-natural treats that you can feel good about giving to your pup over and over again!


Made in our Boston Fish Pier kitchen, these healthy handmade treats are loved by dogs everywhere. USA-sourced ingredients, these soft, chewy, all-natural dog treats are the gift that keeps on giving. Made in mini tubes for easy transporting, great for training and just so convenient! 

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